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Version135.0.1 (13501)
UpdatedApr 05, 2014 (6 years ago)
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New Dance Tracks (NDT for short) helps you easily view charts and browse and search through previews of the latest releases in new dance music: house, techno, dubstep, and many more genres. Share your favorites via Twitter and Facebook.

Sadly currently all shops have their API turned off (see below); awaiting response from one.

Great for the DJ on the move! Discover new electronic dance music (EDM) that is still under the radar...

NOTICE: since March 2018 the JunoDownload.com is not available anymore. A support request with them is outstanding whether it will ever return.

NOTICE: since 24 February 2014 Dance-Tunes.com is offline due to server issues, therefore NDT currently does not show any results from Dance-Tunes. No news on when it will be back...

NOTICE: since 18 November 2013 Beatport has turned off their open API and now anybody using the API has to apply for a key first, and has to pass new additional requirements. And they also decided to *not have any mobile apps* access the API anymore for the time being! Thus sadly no Beatport tracks in the results currently :( Apologies for any inconveniences this may cause.
Now with cool tablet mode, providing browsing tracks while listening to another.

This is the DEMO version (all functionality, but limited release results), get the full version via the About menu (tap the top box there).

Tip 1: No releases found? Increase the period on the Genres page!
Tip 2: if your NDT shortcut does not work anymore, delete it and add it again.
Tip 3: Dance-Tunes is experiencing some server-timeout issues, they have been contacted about it and the app's timeouts have increased to handle that as much as possible for now.
Tip 4: Long press on a track to listen to it via Spotify, Rdio, Deezer etc (if available; quite often the tracks are so new you can't find them at the more mainstream services :).

Website and Facebook: http://www.newdancetracks.com

Permissions explained:
Network communication: for retrieving data, statistics

*** MUCH *** appreciated if you also put in a comment when you rate the app, so we can react and/or improve the app! Especially if you give it a low rating!

Version history:
20140112: 5.0.0 - added search, charts, removed Beatport :(
20130922: 4.1.1 - bunch of small UI changes
20130814: 4.1.0 - added genres filtering via settings
20130612: 4.0.2 - fixed long-press bug
20130515: 4.0.1 - added play track via spotify etc
20130412: 4.0.0 - introduced landscape look and feel
20121224: 3.2.0 - removed phone state permission
20121212: 3.1.0 - removed splash, fixed cancel genres
20121014: 3.0.7 - fixed player not always stopping
20121013: 3.0.6 - small bugfixes, sharing of tracks changed
20120204: 3.0.5 - showing label for releases and tracks, bugfix
20111022: 3.0.4 - swipe for prev/next/pause now visible
20111021: 3.0.3 - added swipe for prev/next/pause track, bugfix
20110901: 3.0.2 - only play first track setting added
20110823: 3.0.1 - favorites list now keeps position
20110708: 3.0.0 - music can now play in background
20110105: 2.0.2 - fixed FB wallpost
20101209: 2.0.1 - demo popup more user-friendly
20101116: 2.0.0 - added Juno store
20101020: 1.0.4 - fixed rotation bug
20100929: 1.0.1 - first release

Email: support@newdancetracks.com

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