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Gold is the most sought after and preferred metal. Because gold can be used as a means of investment and hedge your wealth from the influence of inflation, gold can be used as jewelry (worn).

To start buying gold, surely you must know your purpose in buying the gold, whether for investment or for use? If for investment, buy gold bullion or gold coins, and if for use of course buy gold jewelry that you like. Here are some tips on buying gold jewelry:

1. See the exchange rates of gold today

Before buying gold, you can check the price of gold market today, can be through newspapers, website, pawnshop website at there is a menu main page about the price of gold now, or ask the gold shop.

2. Pay attention to the gold conditions you buy

If you buy is gold jewelry to wear, of course you can choose the preferred model and also note the state of gold jewelry, still good or there are defects.

When purchased gold jewelry that has the permena, note the impression whether there is 'chipped', scratches and others, because of course if you sell it back, the gold shop will check it first and affect the selling price.

When purchased is a form of bracelets and necklaces, choose a bracelet or necklace lock made machine, which is shaped 'S' or called 'toogle'. While the keys are handmade are usually the shape of push-pencet and sometimes become weak when it is often used (book cover) and have long-lived.

3. Look at the golden look

Buy a clean gold, because sometimes there is a green color on the pores of certain parts. It may be that a jewelry store says it's a regular thing, but it's not, gold has not been washed properly. In the gold is still left behind the chemical that can cause allergies in the skin of the wearer, which causes itching, etc..

4. Ask the level of its gold purity

Here are the gold purity levels according to international standards:
- 24 carat gold is pure gold (99.99%)
- 22 carat gold has a composition of 91.7% gold and mixed other materials 8.3%, usually silver material
- 20 carat gold has 83.3% gold compositions
- 18 karat gold has 75% gold composition
- 16 carat gold has 66.6% gold composition
- 14 carat gold has a composition of 58.5% gold
And 9 carat gold has a composition of 37.5% gold

4. Save the gold jewelry purchase note

A purchase note of gold is required when it is resold. This is because not all gold buyers, whether sold in stores or elsewhere, experts in determining the gold content. Because to check the gold content takes time and technology that is not necessarily available where you sell it. And if possible, sell gold back where you bought it, because it would be easier and there are not many questions about gold

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