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This swim season! Perhaps the only thing more luxurious than lounging by the pool shimmering turquoise is aware that fruit drinks, fluffy towels or glasses back up just a few steps from your chair. Although the pool house may seem like a frill extravagant, well-designed version can enhance the enjoyment of your pool exponentially.
If you do not have the funds to build a pool house from scratch, home centers and other retailers offer premade versions. You can even change the garden shed or other small outbuilding to the cabana. Follow these tips to keep the pool pad on top.

1. Consider building codes. Generally, a pool house must establish a prescribed distance from the pool, a figure which is often based on water depth. Check the code of the city or building in the district to ensure that you fall within the guidelines necessary.

2. Follow the architecture of your home. A pool house you do not have to conform your home exactly, but it should not look as though it had landed on the wrong page, either. Make sure the style, lines and proportions complement those of the main house for visual cohesion.

3. Plans for both outdoor and indoor living. A wide overhang allows you and your guests to enjoy the fresh air while staying out of the sun, but you'll also want an interior space closed in case of rain.

4. Consider privacy. Guests changed into their swimsuits would not want to feel as though they are on the screen. Orient the house so that the pool was as private as possible, and includes features such as screen, a privacy wall, window frosted or etched, and shades or blinds.

5. Include a preamble that would make the pool of your home for free. If you had to traipse back and forth from your house to grab a cold drink and fresh towels, which defeats the point of the pool house. Shares with a mini fridge, snacks, dishes, towels and other touches. Increasing the area of ​​the small bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower so guests can rinse as soon as they come out of the water.

6. Build in plenty of storage. Teeth can be tricky swimming pool, and have a tendency to accumulate. Layer in shelves, cabinets and functional furniture, such as storage bench, to keep your pool house free of clutter.

7. Allow plenty of room for entertaining. Party's half the fun of owning a pool house. Clothes with comfortable seating, cocktail and coffee table and, if you like, the bar so you are ready for a fiesta in a short time. Choose a stylish outer fabric and other waterproof surface - you do not want people to feel as though they can not sit in a wet bathing suit.

Indoor pool design should be in the same vein with the design of the rest of your home. Your swimming pool design should fit like a piece of the whole house, respecting the architecture and the interior design of the whole place. Enjoy these pictures with ideas indoor pool!

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