Crafting & building in New York City! Craft & build your own city in blocky NYC!


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New York City Craft: Blocky NYC Building Game 3D GAME

🍎 Big Apple. Capital of the World. Indeed, New York has many names. Get to know it by playing New York City Craft - the latest smashing hit of the mobile crafting & building games genre! 🏴󠁵󠁳󠁮󠁹󠁿

Welcome to the capital of the world!
New York City has a lot to offer. Pay a visit to Liberty statue, Empire State Building or Woolworth Building. Travel between districts by new york subway (new york metro), new york bus or choose a famous yellow cab. Explore the city and see Brooklyn college, Bronx zoo, Queensbridge primary school, Central Park and… Trump Tower, built by the current president of USA! Behave well or you’ll end up in NYPD police car!

Play fun minigames
If exploration sounds boring, treat yourself with one of our fun minigames! Visit an amusement park at Coney Island and try your luck in different competitions! Sing like a rockstar or dance like a real dancing queen! Not to tell you should try to shoot off some ducks or fist fight with the best NYC wrestlers! Collect rewards, earn achievements and become the king of NYC building games 3D

Fall in love in the Big Apple
New York is a great, crowded city. Exploration is a key part of New York City Craft, so go out and meet other boys and girls! Craft your adventure by chatting and dating! Games like this will also let you buy new clothes and dress up however you want! Prepare for the the best party in the city that never sleeps and party along with your girlfriend, boyfriend or love of your life! It’s like a second life simulator set in the blocky NYC!

Explorer & builder!
New York City Craft is one of the best combination of exploration games, dating games and… NY City building games! That’s right: in New York City Craft you’re not only a sole explorer, but a real city builder! Thanks to advanced Crafting & Building mode you can rebuild with blocks whatever you want or even destroy everything and have fun with NY building! Games like this will always push your imagination further. Don’t settle for less and build your own NYC in one of the best crafting games of 2018!

🗽 Crafting & Building mode. An advanced tool for every fan of crafting & building things. No need for third-party building or design app!
🗽 Famous buildings and places. Visit Times Square, Trump Tower, Empire State Building, Liberty Statue and many more!
🗽 Fun minigames. Try your luck in different contests in the NYC Theme Park, but only there!
🗽 Meet other New Yorkers. Chat and date with boys and girls. Find a boyfriend or girlfriend or… love of your life!
🗽 Blocky graphics. Beautifully hand-crafted, blocky NYC awaits!

Take a New York subway, New York bus or yellow taxi and enjoy your trip to the capital of the world in New York City Craft - one of the best crafting & building games of 2018! PLAY FOR FREE and see yourself what’s NY state of mind is all about!
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