Newest Bonsai Style

Newest Bonsai Style

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Bonsai is a plant or tree that is dwarfed in shallow pots with the aim of making a miniature of the original form of a large tree that is old in the wild. Planting is done in shallow pots called bon. The term bonsai is also used for traditional Japanese art in the maintenance of plants or trees in shallow pots, and the appreciation of the beauty of the branches, leaves, stems, and roots of trees, and shallow pots into containers, or whole shapes of plants or trees. Bonsai is a Japanese pronunciation for penzai.

This art covers various techniques of cutting and trimming plants, wiring (forming branches and branches of trees by wrapping wires or bending them with wire bonds), and making roots spread over rocks. The making of bonsai takes a long time and involves a variety of jobs, including the provision of fertilizer, pruning, plant formation, watering, and replacement of pots and soil. Plants or trees are dwarfed by cutting roots and twigs. Trees are formed with the help of wires on twigs and shoots. The wire must have been taken before it could scratch the bark of the tree. Plants are living things, and no bonsai can be finished or finished. Continuous change in plants according to season or natural state is one of the attractions of bonsai.
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