Convenient metronome, in which you use the entire screen to change its settings

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Newpower Metronome is extremely user-friendly metronome that helps you keep time. Now you no longer have to look for unnecessary buttons to make changes. Use the entire screen to quickly and accurately set the beats per minute and beats per measure. And all this in Google Material style.


♪ Without any delays
♪ Entire screen is controller
♪ Visualization of beats
♪ Tap screen to start playing. Tap again to stop
♪ Swipe up/down to change BPM - use many fingers to change faster (e.g. by 10 BPM)
♪ Swipe left/right to change beats per measure
♪ Swipe with two fingers left/right to change subbeats
♪ Tempo from 2 to 300 BPM
♪ Select up to 12 beats per measure
♪ Emphasized first beat in measure
♪ Made by musicians for musicians

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NewPower Metronome 1.1

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