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Often times we feel not educated enough about a certain topic or has it happened that your friends are talking about a recent event which you have no hint about? We all know the pain of feeling out of place several times in our lives. This is because of our inability to stay up to date with current life issues. The news is a part of daily life. If you want to keep updated with frequent alerts, then the daily news headlines and information are important to go through. Once upon a time, radio, newspaper, and television are the only places to get the daily news updates; now, people can get the updates everywhere and anywhere after the launch of the digital era. Despite social pressure and a need to have a knowledge of whereabouts there are several reasons why news is important for all of us. From an early age our elders urged us to have a quick peek at the morning newspaper, but our lazy schedules and not enough likeliness to read through mixed events happening around the world didn’t make us a fan of reading newspapers. But as we grew up, we realized why they were right. However, today it’s no secret that mobile app usage is hitting the 7th sky. As the number of users are increasing so is the dependency of each individual on mobile for all the functionalities as well. This is why it is important and clever to have a mobile application that covers all the news and latest events from the world.
Newsflash consists of all user-friendly features that make it the first choice for all news viewers all over the world. In time where people are losing interest in news because of the conventional mode of picking up the newspaper to get an update from around the world, NewsFlash came up with an attractive solution. An app with an interactive interface that appeals people of all age groups and a user-friendly easy navigation system, NewsFlash might be the new favorite.
With an easy to use search bar which can search a news covering any event from any part of the world and an easy to use categorization for a simple way to reach your target news NewsFlash has made getting information on basic everyday events much easier. NewsFlash also has the privilege of bringing live happenings from all parts of the world in a matter of seconds to you. This live news videos from various news channels and reporters make sure to have a strong choice for suitable selection.
Easy news viewing
NewsFlash helps users to read and view news based on location. A user in the US would get news relevant to the people living there. Since many people don't have much time to read every news story in depth, users can conveniently search the headlines and keep up-to-date on events across the globe. If a headline catches their attention, they can also read in detail the entire news story.
Breaking News and Live News Alerts
A lot of socially and historically significant events and accidents happen all over the world. It's a common reality that some reports are more relevant than others. People should be conscious of knowledge as important as this. That's why this e-newspaper app features at the top of other papers, showing breaking news. Break alerts and the latest news are forwarded via push notifications to users.

Category Based News
That is one of this news app’s best features. Users will search through various categories, such as Top, Sport, Culture, Country, Biz, Tech, Research, Lifestyle, Social and Discover. That consumer has different interests and that's why this news-based AI app provides users with an option to tap and delete the category they are not interested in. Users may literally hold and drag one group, and position it before or after another. They can essentially edit the order of categories in their order of interest. These apps will do wonders for the growth of your news app.

What's New

News Flash is the key to staying current. With news sources from all over the world and an up to date authentic remarks on all the happenings in the surroundings, this application is your digital partner to keep you educated regarding the latest world affairs.

Email: newsalert.staffshaw@gmail.com

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