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LineMon (Aerator Monitoring)
Is monitoring your aerator and pond giving you sleepless nights?
Do not worry anymore, NextAqua's LineMon* takes your worries away by providing you monitoring of aerators in your ponds, at your fingertips. With LineMon’s intelligent supervising system and friendly NextAqua mobile app, the farmers i.e.,You, are alerted about the failures of aerators caused due to problem in gear motors,starters,phase preventers,cable joint issues,power failures or any other electrical equipment connected thru our LineMons.

Now configure & monitor required current limits and set your own time slots for alerts upon failure. In case of any electrical failure, our system alerts your farm supervisor thru a siren. If the siren is not acknowledged, an alert call is sent to you. You can set up to 4 numbers in desired order to receive calls.

Your NextAqua mobile app lets you track any aerator failure thru lines on the tailored sitemap, categorized by color. Red lines indicate less aeration than configured value. You can understand the aerator status on each and every line thru a simple graph.

Auto-feeder Controller
Auto-feeders aren’t adopted in masses due to misconception that they would replace the feed boy and reduce the labour. In reality any unattended auto feeders actually lead to either under feeding or wastage of feed which could lead to pollution in the pond.

Right and efficient use of Auto-feeders is achieved only by regular monitoring for which the supervisor inspects the check-tray once every 60 to 90 minutes & adjusts the feeding through NextAqua’s Auto-feeder Controller.

Unlike the existing auto-feeder controllers which are simple timers with no logs or tracking, NextAqua’s Auto-feeder Controllers** are mobile app enabled making it convenient for the user to monitor live feeding pattern configurations, throughout the day and even for the entire lifespan of crop cycle history. From the mobile app, check the feeding pattern for the entire farm. Identify if any autofeeder is on/off or unattended.

NextAqua’s Auto-feeder controller is the only one in the market which enables the farmer to get a clear picture about attentiveness of the supervisor. The farmer can comprehend the supervisor’s movement around the farm, which is very essential for identifying any irregularities in and around the ponds.

All our products comes with a one-year warranty, no monthly recharges for data, SIM charges, App charges and a hassle free 24x7 customer care.

Email: satyasri@infiplus.xyz

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