NFC MEDIC creates a medical record that includes Personal Emergency Information.

Version1.0.21 (21)
UpdatedJan 02, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperNFC MEDIC
CategoryApps, Health & Fitness

• NFCMedic software to create a medical record on a Mobile phone or NFC MEDIC WEB site that would include all Personal Emergency Information. The record will contain the same info as a hospital admission form

Enabling the smartphone to send SOS message while locked:
1. After creating at least one NFC MEDIC record, login to the mobile APP, and then select the primary profile
2. you will notice a flashing notification icon on device's home screen even if it was locked to identify that the smartphone is NFC MEDIC enabled
3.when device is locked press the power key three times, and the primary profile shall come up which will allow to send an SOS message out (SMS message to the saved SOS numbers within the APP options, which will include a link to the medical profile and and another link to the GPS location)
4. You can also send the SOS message by clicking on thy NFC MEDIC record and then press SOS

Writing NFC MEDIC profile into NFC MEDIC TAG:
1• NFC enabled SmartPhone to write profile into the NFCMedic Tag (which could be an NFC key chain, NFC card , bracelet, watch, and or nickels), press and hold on the profile and chose write into NFC MEDIC TAG then place the TAG at the back of your smartphone

2• The Medical record now is saved into the NFCMedic Tag, and will be with the user at all time.

3• In any emergency situation or a regular visit to a doctor, the NFC tag can be activated (by tapping it against an NFC reader) to extract all medical information

4• The medical record now available on the smart phone and can be sent immediately to the hospital or can be reviewed by first responders

Email: info@nfcmedic.com

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