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Version2.13.1 (21310)
UpdatedNov 23, 2020 (4 days ago)
DeveloperAvantify Technology LLC
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Create your profile, scan business cards, and share digital profiles (with all the information needed) in seconds. Literally seconds.
One app, one solution, one contact management system for your personal and professional use

We’ve thought of every way possible to connect with someone. From business cards, social media profiles, contact details, meetings, conferences, referrals from your network, contacts with multiple profiles, your multiple profiles…whatever it is, we’ve thought of it.
Even the people that you have yet to meet (check out the geolocation feature), we’ve thought of them too.

It’s easy to use, secure, verified and reliable, and it’s going to save millions of trees every year.

It’s nice to know your whole world of connections – from contact details to the conversation topics and where and how you met – is one app away.

It’s nice to know you can have it all in one place.

Nice to Meet You.
It is time to upgrade for The Global Rolodex “Nice to Meet You”

• Create a profile using our templates, customize your own, or import your designs
• Seamlessly exchange, search and find with ease
• Share on all platforms
• Dynamic search capabilities – search by name, company, job title, industry, skillset,
notes/annotations you’ve added, location or event you met at, etc...
• Employee verification (corporate solution)
• Up-to-date contact info
• Multi-language interface
• Multiple profiles for a single user
• Enhanced security & privacy controls
• 3rd party integration
• Geolocation network finder
• Advanced reporting (corporate and event solution)

NICE Solutions:

NICE Corporation
Easily manage your customer and employee data, keeping it up-to-date using the most secured and private solution out there. Track your sales teams’ productivity through their digitally verified NICE cards and keep 3rd party data info in house. Deactivate employees’ NICE cards once they leave the company and much more

NICE Individual
Introduce yourself using NICE Individual. Convenient, customizable, secure and private. Stay connected with the people that matter. Search for contacts using location, date, notes and any other data point the app will capture automatically. Help the environment and save millions of trees

NICE Event Management
Make your events a place where people can connect and stay connected with all the conversations, faces and contact details exchanged. Reduce costs, minimize registration time, know who met with whom and measure the quantity and quality of connections made. There is no other NICE solution.


Convenient & Comprehensive
With a user experience that’s simple and easy to use, NICE solutions cover every angle of contact and profile creation, connection and shareability.

Data Control
Organizations can cleverly manage up-to-date employee, customer, vendor and stakeholder contact information.

Valuable Reports
Productivity reports and live contact information of current and past employees, customers and suppliers.

Verification is key to enhancing an organizations security and ensuring employee credibility.

Environment Friendly
Digital transformation is a responsible decision in any organization. NICE solutions help businesses and individuals go green.

Sufficient Savings
Adopt NICE solutions and save up to 75% of business card printing costs.

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