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2.4.96 lite

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NameMagic night clock APK
Version2.4.96 lite (2496)
UpdatedFeb 17, 2021
CategoryApps, Tools

night talking clock App

This is the docking station. Put the phone on charge, run the clock.

Put the phone on charge, the watch will turn on. Take your phone off charge - turn off the clock. Everything is simple! This is a docking station, or nightly talking clock.
The talking clock can voice the current time when you tap the screen, or you can simply wave your hand in front of the screen. They show how much sleep is left (yes, yes, at what time you set the alarm clock, but how much sleep is left, say "Sleep left: 5 hours 14 minutes", show the weather (temperature and precipitation), show the speed (if you eat by car )
Chimes are also integrated - the Moscow Kremlin, Big Ben or Jingle Bells to choose from. Chimes can beat time every 15 minutes, half an hour, an hour.
You can use background sounds for a light sleep: white noise, the sound of the sea, light rain and others.
The ability to reduce the brightness of the screen in the evening and increase the brightness before dawn.
You can enable all additional functions in the menu (blue gear).
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