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Jul 17, 2024

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Nile Valley: Farm Adventure GAME


Nile Valley is a farming simulation game that is in early access now, so you will be one of the first players!

Welcome to the Nile Valley - an exciting farm simulation game with a unique story based on the mysteries of Ancient Egypt! Enjoy the farmer adventures of the young married couple, Asibo and Amisi, as they plant and harvest crops, raise animals, take care of the pets and build a dream farm! Start your journey now to explore various ancient locations, meet new characters and resolve quests to unlock new territories!

Help Amisi and Asibo survive in the valley after an unexpected storm, which could turn their honeymoon into a real nightmare, and join their family farm adventure right now!

💑 UNIQUE STORY: dive into the story of Amisi and Asibo's honeymoon full of love, surprises, and exciting challenges! Complete quests, explore new locations, and get to know more about Ancient Egypt's story.
🕵️ FUN QUESTS: not a boring minute, every day is full of new challenges and adventures! Lots of different daily tasks will guide you through the game, as you’ll be unlocking cool new content as new buildings and locations.
👣 EXPLORE: Wild territories of Ancient Egypt await! You will be able to find the greatest landscapes to build your own strong and prosperous city, and there always will be something else behind the cliffs in this farm simulation game!
👷‍♀️ BUILD: Amisi and Azibo have a unique chance to become founders of the great growing city in the sunny valley. The prosperity of this city depends on you, as you’ll be building factories and buildings to produce more and more resources to help it grow!
👩‍🌾 FARM: start your Nile Valley farm now! Choose what to plant and harvest crops later, take care of the different animals and become the best farmer ever!
🦸‍♀️ HELP: only YOU can help a young family to survive on a desert island and build their new home.
🐈‍⬛ MEET: there are a couple of lovebirds and plenty of cute animals waiting to meet you! Where else could you meet an ancient cat, for example?
💸 TRADE: produce goods or harvest crops and sell them to traders! You’ll be able not only to earn coins and gems but also rare artifacts or even special rewards.
Escape from a daily routine and get to know a unique story of Asibo and Amisi, as they’ll be uncovering all secrets of the island. Create your own peaceful city, where you can relax by solving quests and managing your dream family farm. Enjoy the best farming game simulation!

Nile Valley farming simulation is a free to play game, which is in early access now. Join us in an unforgettable journey through the story of a young married couple somewhere in Ancient Egypt!

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