Ninja of Korean words APK

I tried to shooter Korean words! I want to master the Korean in this time!

Version1.0.3 (4)
UpdatedAug 21, 2016 (4 years ago)
DeveloperHikari Nakashima(中島光)
CategoryApps, Education

I can not master the Korean yet.
Once I know the Korean words, I feel that it is easier to learn Korean Language.

So, I tried to shooter Korean words!

The rule is this.

At the bottom of the screen, the words of sample will pop.
Please shot down by tapping the same words.
More and more, while you shoot up, your eyes will master the Korean words!

I think that I want to master the Korean in this time!

[How to play]
· You shoot the Korean words, you get a coin.
· Please collect the coin of as much as possible within the time limit.
· If point exceeds a certain number, It is the stage clear !
· Even if you shot a wrong Korean words. It will not the game over.
· However, please be careful in the remaining number of Shuriken.
· You can not shoot for a while, when there are no Shuriken.
· Check out the timing of replenish the Shuriken, it is Tips for high score.

Email: bartman0902@gmail.com

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