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Jan 2, 2022
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Ninja War GAME

Instant combat, multiplayer duel, you can experience all of this in Ninja War!
In the game you may handle with shuriken or Kunai, fighting in arena to win your glory and cups!
Just several minutes, you can join in a fierce battle and get the results. Play with your friends or solo in a variety of game mode. Be a generation of Ninja Master!

Super Arena Modes:
CENTRAL PARK: You and your other two teammates will fight together in central park, and you will meet three enemies. Get the higher scores in combat for your team!

TEA HOUSE: In this mode, the you can only buy your weapons in different positions. Enemies may appear when you turn on corner. So watch out!

SKY PLATFORM: You and your friends will fight together for control of the object area. Hold the position, and prove that you are the best!

Game Points!
A Variety of Game Modes
Center Park, Tea house. We have normal mode and special mode in the game. Exciting combat, the happiness of athletics must will must attract your eyes.

Unique Weapons System
Players can use different weapons which are bought by coin, the coin is from your battle.

Synthesis system is rare in io game. Equipment is two in one and gear is three in one. A variety of gears will give you a buff in battle. Collect gears and pieces of equipment as more as you can!

Fight with Your Friends
In this game you can invite your game partners, forming a battle group and fight together to get more cups!

Ninja Skills
Each ninja has his or her unique skill. With the level growing up, ninja skill will be more powerful and have a cooler display!

Ninjutsu are like a super weapon, each one has its own unique function and gives your ninja the ability to control the battlefield

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