NJM SafeDrive measures driving behaviors and provides a car insurance discount!

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What is NJM SafeDrive?
NJM SafeDrive is a voluntary program designed to encourage safer driving and it provides a discount on your car insurance premium if you choose to participate. It uses a smartphone app to capture driving behavior and provide feedback on your acceleration, braking, cornering, distracted driving, and speed.

How does it work?
NJM SafeDrive runs in the background while you drive. It captures your driving behaviors and assigns scores for acceleration, speed, braking, cornering, and distracted driving (handling or interaction with the smartphone while the vehicle is in motion). The app provides an overall score for each trip, which is uploaded to your account. You don’t have to worry about using any data – the app allows you to upload your trip information only over a Wi-Fi connection. Users can review past trips in the app’s logbook to see how their driving scores have changed over time.

How do I enroll?
NJM car insurance customers should contact us at 1-800-232-6600. Once you’re enrolled in the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions for downloading and setting up the app. Sign up for NJM SafeDrive and start saving today!

What's New

This update includes:
• Performance improvements and bug fixes
• Improved location and movement tracking

Latest Version

NJM SafeDrive 3.6.1

Updated: 2019-08-01 (4 months ago)