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Laatste Versie

NaamWorkforce APK
Versie2021.3.0.2 (2021030002)
Bijgewerkt09 nov. 2021
OntwikkelaarAPI Healthcare Corporation
CategorieApps, Zakelijk

symplr Workforce-app

De officiële Workforce-app van symplr

The Workforce app streamlines key features from Time and Attendance and Staffing and Scheduling, and ShiftSelect®. Available features differ based on your solution.


Time and Attendance/Staffing and Scheduling: Employees can add a Request Reason when submitting requests.

ShiftSelect: A Non-Duty Request that exceeds the scheduling period's NDR limit shows detailed information to explain that the request cannot be submitted.

As an employee:
Add shifts during self-scheduling periods.
Request open shifts and trade.
View your schedule and request time off.
Clock in based on your location and get notified when there is a mismatch with your location.
View missed clocking alerts, clock in/out, sign off your time card, and add/edit/delete clockings and calendars.

As a manager:
View your employees time cards, requests, exceptions, and contact information
Correct a clocking or location mismatch by editing the schedule or clocking.
View missed clocking alerts and preventable overtime, approve employee clockings, calendars, and time cards, and add, edit, or delete employee clockings and calendars.

To take full advantage of the newest features, this app requires your employer to have the following minimum versions. The version can be found on your workstation login page
Time and Attendance and Staffing and Scheduling 2021.2.0 or greater.
ShiftSelect® 2020.4.4 or greater.

We value your feedback. If you have something to share, email us at If you are enjoying the app, please leave us a rating and write a review.
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