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calculets: Maths games mental calculation

1.1.43 · 17 jan. 2021

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Versie1.1.43 (43)
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calculets: Maths games mental calculation-game

Wiskunde spel<br>Wiskunde oefeningen<br>Optellen, aftrekken, vermenigvuldigen en delen.

Calculets! Very simple mental calculation game.
Fun maths game to practice maths facts:
addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

🎈 What is this game about?
Calculets is a simple and easy version of the maths part of "Countdown" TV show.

When the game starts you have:
a set of bubbles with numbers,
and another separate "target" number.

And the goal is:
to combine the bubbles by means of:
+ addition
- subtraction
× multiplication
÷ division
in order to reach the "target" number.

To add two bubbles you just have to drag them to the box with symbol +.
And all the same to subtract, multiply or divide: drag the bubbles to the boxes marked with -, × & ÷

Play Calculates now!
Maths games mental calculation.
Enjoy this maths exercises games .
It's a fun maths game to practice maths facts.


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