Verzamel campusbelle om privéfoto's te ontgrendelen en strategische gevechten te beleven


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20 sep. 2021
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Campus Play 2 GAME

"Campus Play 2" is a mobile game for youth battles on campus. In the game, players become heroic teenagers to join the university. In the lush study and life, they meet various goddesses, meet many elites, and grow from an unknown person to the campus. Legend, describe your own way of the king.

【Classic colleges, perfect reproduce】
The classic campus scene is perfectly restored, the classroom is quiet in the morning, the playground is noisy in the noon, and the rooftop stroll in the evening is like returning to that youthful time. There are also a variety of campus activities such as welcome parties, sports leagues, and various clubs. We look forward to your participation.

【Goddess descends, intimate interaction】
Hundreds of exciting campus goddesses will come to meet you and have the opportunity to date them intimately. With colorful character plot design, write your own diary of your youth cultivation and development, and relive the pink memories together.

【Fierce Combo, Strategy First】
Break through the traditional battle mode, judge the time to carry out combo strikes, integrate cool skills, damage the watch, and instantly become the king at your fingertips. By understanding the checks and balances and fetters between the academies, freely matching combat combinations, and gain the ultimate strategic pleasure.

【protect the campus belle,Rapid growth】
The road to counterattack now begins! Gather campus elites to create your own lineup. The perfect training system greatly enhances the team's strength. In order to protect the safety of the school, through the baptism of various levels, complete the legendary road from loneliness to dominance of the campus.
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