💘 Vind mensen om je heen door een autoplaatje in onze nieuwe gratis online dating-app


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26 feb. 2022
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CarDate free online dating app – License Plate APP

Have you ever met an attractive stranger and regretted about not meeting him or her? Now you could try our free people search in order to meet and start dating each other. Find people by a car plate in our free online dating app

We are completely new on the market. As the number of our users increases, so does the chance of finding people. We noticed that the demand for such an app was very high. Now you have the opportunity to try out the license plate search.

Who doesn't know that? You see a very attractive person driving along, but you don't have the possibility to find the person again? With Cardate this problem has become a thing of the past. Now you can use the license plate lookup search function to enter the license plate 🚗 of this person. The Dating App has a lot of features, what are you waiting for, download the app now and get your new relationship 😊
CarDate offers a lot more besides the license plate search. Our app is a dating app, which has the goal to make it easier to get to know people who are close to eacht other. It is used to start flirting or to find friends. But you can also simply advertise you own vehicle with pictures. Our Date app belongs to a group of youn start-ups.


You want to share the photos of your car with others? No problem, we also thought about it and gave you the possibility to upload the pictures.


Besides the license plate search, a swipe system is also offered. With this system, users can see the car photos of other users in their vicinity, or of users who are a little furhter away. If you like a picture, you swap the picture to the right. If you don't like a picture, you swap it to the left. If the other user has also swiped you photo to the right, there is a match and the chance for a date increases. Afterwards you can communicate with your match through a chat and you can start to get to know eacht ohter better.


You will get the free dating app. This has given several people the chance of getting instant connections. Once you download the free online dating app and have it installed, you shall register and get to connect easily. This makes it easy for several people to use their phone to engage on the application. You can check the dating app while you are in the car and use the license plate lookup function. This is quite an easy way of getting information. There are many people investing in this dating app in order to find love 💕.


By using this application you have the possibility to connect immediately. In the login area you onyl have to register via Gmail.

1 Enter the indicator
2 Connect
3 Click on the search indicator in the menu bar
4 Getting to know each other
5 Date

After these 5 steps you can start to find your love

I'm a young start-up entrepreneur, don't be angry if something doesn't work or crashes. I will do my best to offer you the dating app as good as possible. Thanks for your understanding😊.

I'm looking forward to any kind of (nice) feedback, your ideas and suggestions and especially to your constructive criticism!

I'm happy about your praise, your suggestions and especially about your constructive criticism!👐
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