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Laatste Versie

NaamCatRun APK
Versie1.0.17598 (17598)
Bijgewerkt17 okt. 2016
CategorieGames, Arcade

Cat Run-game

De honden zijn op de jacht! Snel, kleine kat - sprint afstand en obstakels te vermijden!

Now be quick! As a swift kitty, you’ll need to escape the dogs chasing you and dash through the challenging obstacle course. During the game, you can collect coins and destroy obstacles for additional points in order to become the best runner among your friends.

The quick pastime game for every cat lover!
This game is not suitable for gamers with slow reactions! As a cute cat, you run along an endless corridor, dodging dogs and obstacles by jumping or ducking at the right moment. Attention: the dogs can appear from anywhere and make your life miserable! But as an agile cat, that’s no problem for you, right?

Sprint through the course, bolt around obstacles and avoid the dogs!
On your way along the long corridor, there are lots of coins to be found. Collect them to get more points and to increase your score! Special obstacles can also be destroyed to help you on your way to beating the high score. Hang on in there and soon you’ll be the best runner!

A fast-paced 3D runner in the style of CatHotel and DogHotel
The detailed and realistic graphics of the successful animal hotel series make this runner a casual game with a difference! Thanks to many movement options and the three lanes, the difficulty increases until ultimately real skill is needed.

★ Be a fast kitty and master the course
★ Ditch all the dogs coming after you
★ Collect coins and destroy obstacles for more points
★ Get even more breeds and play as a cute Siamese cat
★ Beat your friends’ high scores and become the best runner

Be quick, prove your skills and RUN!

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