Stay safe, never get lost when at a night out, find new places and CHEERS! :)


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27 sep. 2017

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Cheers APP


- Let friends see where you are and are going.
- Discover new places for a night out and plan your day as you go.
- Know where your friends are so you don't get lost.
- Show off your status with cheerspoints (can turn this setting off).
- Most importantly, stay safe!

Please be aware that this is not a tracking app, as you have to let users know where you are. This app will not let others track your current location, only let friends see at what place you have joined yourself. This also means no need for gps and data after you already joined a place, so save your battery for those last minute taxi calls! :)

Lots more features are in store, and will be added in time! This app will continually be updated.
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