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NaamCount Days APK
VersieV1.8.30 (30)
Bijgewerkt07 jan. 2022
OntwikkelaarFunMkr Team
CategorieApps, Productiviteit

Count Days-Count Down & Memorial Days-app

Help je belangrijke dagen te onthouden. Het kaartontwerp is eenvoudig en gemakkelijk te gebruiken.

Count Days: calculation, recording, commemoration. Help you remember important days, don't forget.
Every day, whether it is happy, sad, funny, or touching, is worth cherishing.
Card design is simple and easy to use. Use fragmented time to grab every emotional moment of time.

* How many years have you walked together?
* How many days are there for each relative's birthday?
* How many days are I in this world today?
* How many days are there for the accounting exam?

* Card list, simple and easy to use
* You can choose your favorite background image for each card
* Constantly added beautiful background images for selection
* Custom background
* Ongoing cards and archive cards, including countdown days and anniversaries
* Not only countdown, but also positive, can calculate the number of days, or calculate the week
* Remind countdown function
* Each card can be archived or unarchived
* Favorite cards can be sticky
* Cards can be set to repeat automatically every month or every year
* Various sorting functions
* Can open the password protection function to protect privacy

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