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Curious Jungle George : Monkey Run


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Laatste Versie

NaamCurious Jungle George : Monkey Run APK
Versie2.3.3 (125)
Bijgewerkt11 feb. 2018
Ontwikkelaarb11 Dev
CategorieGames, Arcade

Curious Jungle George : Monkey Run-game

Curious Jungle George: Monkey Run is een geweldig running adventure game.

Curious Jungle George : Monkey Run is one of the best jungle running adventure game in google play store.

Discover with us the new monkey and Bananas Hero Free Game Curious George games for toddlers free Jungle : Monkey Adventure, suitable for all ages, especially for toddlers, It's a Running Adventure free game where you need to cross different obstacles, overcome dangers, Along the way, Try to collect as many as possible Bananas you find so you can unlock the World levels ahead in the game to beat your Friends with your favorite Hero Curious the Monkey Bananas and George the Hero.

This monkey George free game is a beech buggy games, that will make you sunk in this mysterious Jungle Adventure which is full of Monsters, Sboy, jorgecurioso, Curious Biking Monkey, and also enemies. Collect the golden amulets that allow you to transfer the Curious into the Hero George, the Hero George is a lot stronger comparing the Curious monkey, the Hero George has the ability to shoot explosive bombs.
Fly like an apes from vine to vine like the older apes, enjoy the beech buggy Jungle Adventure, but watch out for dangers lurking in the jungle. Earn bananas and avoid obstacles of the jungle Sboy game.
This game Curious Jungle George : Monkey Run is absolutely the best Arcade and Running that you are searching for, Curious and his Friend George games for toddlers free ar ready to enjoy that Fantastic World of Bananas and crossing all levels to achieve their goals at this Jungle Adventure Sboy World.

Monkey kong is very hungry.So he is finding food in the jungle.But There are many many crises in the jungle like savage,spider,fountain,bouncing flowers,and so on.
The jungle is so danger.Please help monkey kong running out of the jungle and collect more bananas.

Curious Jungle George : Monkey Run Features:

-Great photograph and lovely monkey
-Simple control just running and jumping monkey
-break the stone ball and wooden box
-Catch tree rattan to glide further
-Fountain, bouncing flowers can make you jump higher
-The banana leaves can let you slide freely on the water
-Continuous click on the screen can escape the shackles of the spider web
-24 different wonderful levels and more will come.
- Great design and amazing 2D Game for Kids with perfect control.
- Jungle Adventure SboyFor Kids.
-It’s the best Curious George Games Free that you are looking for.
- 24 Level to unlock beech buggy World (jungle, Bananas, desert, lava) as you can see in screenshots.
- Beech buggy, Bananas Monkey Run, Hero Adventure Games.

How to play Curious Jungle George : Monkey Run :

-tap screen to jump the monkey.
-long tap screen to let monkey glide.
-kill Or avoid the monster.
-collect bananas as many as you can.
-finish all levels with 3 stars.

Are you a crazy Fan of Curious George Cartons ??are you an addictive Biking Adventure and Banana Monkey run Games ??
What are you waiting for !! Hurry up download it, To enjoy that fantastic Hero Biking in Jungle Adventure, Bananas Monkey and the Hero is still waiting for your help !!
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