Deze applicatie kan het Daytime SC16 LED-systeem besturen en configureren.


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4 feb. 2021

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Daytime SC16 (english) APP

SmartControl SC16 3-channel for matrix

This application can control and configure the Daytime SC16 LED system.

Features of Daytime SC16 LED System:

* Sunrise, sunset, morning & evening red, midday low, etc. - Simulation of natural light conditions and changes by up to 10 freely programmable switching and dimming times

* Secure and comfortable programming via android smartphones or tablets

* Dimming almost without "jumps" over the entire brightness range

* Individually adjustable light scenarios for every day or nighttime

* Clouds and Thunderstorms - random weather simulation can be switched on or off for every day or nighttime. 3 intensity levels selectable

* Programming in tabular form - clear and compact

* Demonstration operation with constantly changing scenarios

* Manual changes of the light conditions in real time via slider "Slider"

* Cloud and lightning on touch print - manually triggered weather simulation
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