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NaamDoozy Robot Runner APK
OntwikkelaarLife Gaming ApS
CategorieGames, Arcade

Doozy Robot Runner-game

Doozy Robot Runner is een eindeloos runnerspel met gekke robothelden.

Meet the Doozy Robot Runner. You must help him avoid the various obstacles you encounter on your way through the endless tunnel. To help you, you have POWER-UPS, Bullets, to crush the large piles of metal that stand in the way of your run. The game is addictive and you have to think fast and always look ahead. Jump up on the walls and over the sharp objects that are suddenly in the way and slide under the roadblocks.
The game will gradually get harder and go faster the further you run.

Doozy Robot Runner is completely free to play, but some items in the game require either payment or you see an advertisement.

Doozy Robot Runner includes:
- Daily bonus
- Enchanting and vivid graphics that will impress you.
- Infinitely long, magical, tunnel, where you either have to smash piles of metal, jump or slide under obstacles to run as far as possible
- Hit lists where you can keep an eye on your friends and competitors.
- Use the special booster and power ups through the tunnel, at the right times to help you through the difficult obstacles
- A world of enchantment and magic.
- Free, -and easy to play, -but hard to master
- Great and relaxing game to play with your friends and family
- See advertising and receive Boosters
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