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Echo Voice Recorder - EchoVoice


Record your voice in echo and more effects


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26 sep. 2019
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Echo Voice Recorder - EchoVoice-app

EchoVoice - A perfect app for recording voice in echo effects.

EchoVoice is very simple and effective. You have to record voice and you will get a list of effects. You can record your voice in echo effects. Also you can record your voice in funny effects like Chimpuk, drunk, Robotic. you can also this app as funny voice recorder.


EchoVoice ask for these permissions-

1) Record audio.

2) Read and write data in external storage.

1) Record voice
2) Various type of echo effects
3) More effects like Chimpuk, Drunk, Robotic.
4) Share your echo voice.

How to use-

there are few steps given-

1) Open app and click on green mic icon. And now recording is started and green button is turned into red. ( App will ask for required permissions for first time.)

2) Record your voice and click on red button to stop recording.

3) When recording is stopped, you will see a list of effects.

4) Click on play icon on right side of list item to play voice in selected effect.

Once you clicked on play button, voice will be saved in your storage.
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