Face Yoga: Facial Exercises & Workout for Women APK

Face Yoga: Facial Exercises & Workout for Women


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Laatste Versie

NaamFaceFitness APK
Versie1.3.8 (94)
Bijgewerkt20 sep. 2021
OntwikkelaarTexode Technologies LLC
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Face Yoga: Facial Exercises & Workout for Women-app

Je vriend en persoonlijke fitnesscoach. Facefitness, gymnastiek en huidverzorging voor vrouwen

Face yoga is a unique application with complex exercises and workout for women for the face, which will help you feel the difference in two weeks after the start of training! All complexes are developed on the basis of professional exercises and the latest face-building technologies. A special guide will help you tone your facial muscles and prevent aging through performing facial gymnastics. Also, you can easily manage selected exercise programs through the application.
Ready for a workout challenge? FaceFitness is your personal trainer and fitness pal that will help you achieve healthy, glowing, and clear skin.

Face yoga - everything you need in one app!

In the apps you will find more than a 100+workouts. Special sets of exercises are available for the forehead, interbrow space, cheeks, nose, lips, nasolabial folds, cheekbones, and chin. The duration of the programs varies from 7 days to 3 weeks. Each workout plan comes with a workout calendar, workout timer, and exercise tracker.

How to do gymnastics for the face?

How does FaceFitness work? Using the front camera and AR technologis, the application determines which parts of the face will be involved in the exercise. An additional window describes in detail how to do the exercise. All you need is your phone and some free time!

Every woman needs skincare routine!

Women of all ages, skin types, and features can use facial yoga as a part of their skincare routine. The application is completely tailored to you and helps you keep track of changes in facial expressions. The design and ease of use of the application will make your day a little better!

I just found out about face gymnastics, what should I do?

The application is suitable for both beginners and professionals in Face building. FaceFitness will help you tone your facial muscles in a short time! Manage your daily workouts, set up reminders for future workouts, and keep an eye on skin changes. We will help you get a little closer to the skin of your dream!

Tracking systems:

FaceFitness is an app for face workout tracker, includes exercise tracker to make you better! Our face tracker helps to improve your skin using skin tracker, which will improve your skin after 30 day fitness of your face. Using our app, you will be able to complete 30 day workout challenges that are build in your personal workout calendar. Calendar creates your workout plan with workout timer for every program in FaceFitness.

The result will surprise you very much!

No matter what your goal is, be sure that our training plans got you covered. The app is designed to help women improve face symmetry, accomplish skinny face, get rid of a double chin, and improve the overall skin condition. Also, there are problem-specific acne remover, wrinkle remover, and face shape exercises!
After 14 days of using app, you will see how your face shape and face symmetry will get better and better so that your face slimmer than ever before! Most of your problems will disappear, such as double chin and etc. Application has known acne remover, wrinkle remover and makes your face smoother. Our face scanner with build-in ache scanner helps you to detect your facial problems. Our goal is to improve you health life and bring you better health. After 30 days, you will get clear face with FaceFitness - your home fitness helper. Easy workout programs will lead you to skinny face and simply yoga gets you your perfect symmetrical face.
PRO version
FaceFitness Pro will help you achieve the best results possible! Unlock all workout plans and exercises with FaceFitness Pro or get 3 days to try premium features for free.
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