Fishing / Angler Guide TIFNIT APK

Fishing / Angler Guide TIFNIT


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Naamدليل الصياد TIFNIT APK
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Bijgewerkt18 nov. 2021
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Fishing / Angler Guide TIFNIT-app

Alles in één visgereedschap: solunar, knopen, voorspellingen, getijden, kaarten, vlekken, kompas

TIFNIT a specially designed app for fishermen which includes a range of tools related to the fishing activities in both salt and fresh water.

- Map with over than 5500 fishing spots
- Tackle shops map
- Weather maps
- Save and track fishing locations
- Find saved locations with GPS navigation system
- Measure road and direct distances
- Solunar table
- Marine Forecasts table
- Tides prediction chart
- Daily fish activity forecasts
- Feeding times (major and minor times)
- Sunrise and sunset times
- Sun positions
- Moon rise and moon set times
- Moon positions
- Moon phases
- Fishing knots
- Fisherman hooker guide
Some features in this app like fishing spots map are limited to: morocco, algeria, tunisia, libia, egypt, turkey, syria, lebanon, palestine, saudit arabia, yemen,oman, qatar, bahrain, kuwait, ksa, (Indonesia & Malaysia soon)... however, more countries over the world will be added in the coming updates.
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