Flashify (for root users) APK

Flashify (for root users)


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Laatste Versie

NaamFlashify APK
Versie1.9.2 (64)
Bijgewerkt12 dec. 2015
OntwikkelaarChristian Göllner
CategorieApps, Tools

Bijgewerkt - Wat is er nieuw

- Fixed backup issues on Marshmallow
- Download stock kernel/recovery for Nexus 5X and 6P

- Fixed TWRP downloads

1 - New design
2 - New Dark Theme (Premium users)
3 - Fix wrong recovery name
4 - Fix Command Queue issues
5 - Fix copy to safe location issues

Flashify (for root users)-app

Download, Flash, backup en restore gemakkelijk pitten en terugvorderingen!

Flash your boot.img, recovery.img and zip files right away using Flashify!
Be safe and backup everything either to local storage or cloud storage with automatic syncing!
If you don't know where to get your recovery files, just download directly from this app!

1 - Flash boot and recovery .img without even needing to go to recovery.
2 - Flash zip files. Option to wipe cache, dalvik and data when using TWRP or Philz recovery.
3 - Download and flash CWM, Philz, TWRP, Gapps, Franco Kernel, Stock Nexus Kernel (premium), and Stock Nexus Recovery (premium).
4 - Automatic Loki Patch when needed.
5 - Full nandroid backups/restores when using TWRP or Philz recovery.
6 - Backup/Restore kernel and recovery using Sdcard or cloud (Dropbox, Box (premium) or Google Drive (premium)).
7 - Automatic cloud synchronisation of backups between devices and desktops.
8 - Keep track of recently flashed items.
9 - Flash multiple files and build your flash queue.
11 - Flash from anywhere! Do you want to flash from your favorite File Explorer or Email app? No biggie, that also works together with Flashify.

This app is free but has a limit of 3 flashes per day. You can unlock the limit with a quick in-app payment.
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