Bekijk Engelse film gratis. Eenvoudig te gebruiken app met pop-upweergave en kijkgeschiedenis.


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20 jun. 2019
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Free Movie-app

Thank you very much download this app.
This is a very easy to use free app specially collect and classified a lot of English movies.
With floating window, you can enjoy the movie while continue work on other things;
You can also search what your want and filter the search results by video, channel or playlist.
You can subscribe to the channel to get the latest update form the channel.
Or You can also create your own playlist and add your favourite video to the playlist for easy access.
With the watch history memory feature, you can resume from what you have stopped earlier when you reopen the same video.
If you have any recommendation or suggestion, Please email us: QA.ONETV@GMAIL.COM.
Enjoy the app & enjoy the movie!

This is NOT an official app from the various media services, and this is only an unofficial
3rd-party client that complies with their 3rd party API terms of service.
This app is NOT an affiliated nor related product of those services. Per their API developer terms:
- "You do not need special approval to use YouTube APIs or to promote API functionality
in your application" provided that the guidelines are followed.
This section App Player for third-party media player, we did not upload any videos, has no intention of copyright infringement

1. This App is in line with the third-party player YouTube API Terms of Service

2. All videos are offered through the official API embedded player for playback

3.YouTube Content ID system to safeguard the interests of copyright holders

4. If without lawful authority videos are uploaded, the right holder may submit a copyright takedown notice to YouTube

If you have additional questions, please contact us:

All videos are provided by the public third-party media service YouTube. All trademarks and
copyrights belong to their respective owners and are used here under the terms of Fair Use and the
Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA).

Since the app simply links to content on their service via their 3rd Party Developer API,
the app does not have any direct control of their content. If there are any content that may
infringe upon anyone's copyrights, the following link can be used to report the content:

Use of this software comply with Youtube API specification:
Video and sound may not be separated (not available for playback background)
Not tampered with any video content (not available for voice removal function)
Allowed to copy any video content (not available for offline play or download)
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