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Laatste Versie

12 aug. 2022

Gangstar New York GAME

Gangstar: New York is the latest upcoming open-world RPG developed by the Gameloft, in which you will play the role of a criminal who is escaping the police around the New York City. Throughout the game, players have to complete several missions to unlock more cars and weapons to help them level up.

Realistic 3D Visual Effects

One of the biggest highlights of Gangstar: New York is its realistic 3D visual effects, from which players can immerse themselves in the top-notched character and scenarios design. Aside from that, the simple operation allows players to move in any direction with ease.

Experience dozens of high-end vehicles

From Gangstar: New York players can steal various types of large-cylinder vehicles to help them escape the police and drive faster across the New York City. This will gradually control all the shady businesses that take place on the busy streets of New York. In fact, it won’t take long to locate the places in the city where we can hide when things get out of our control.

Enjoy the exciting action shooter RPG

Players can enjoy the spectacular graphics while completing missions by shooting down enemies or trying no to be caught by the police. The thrilling chasing and shooting against enemies will let you get rid of tiring and pressure right away!

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