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2 apr. 2024
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Ghost Master:Survival GAME

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Dear Players,

We're always striving to bring more joy and surprises to all of you. We understand the frustration that often comes with the expensive in-game purchases, so this time, we've decided to make a change!

In this update, we're reducing the pay-to-win elements. This unprecedented update will bring an incredible 90% discount! Yes, for the price of a cup of coffee, experience the thrill of a millionaire's game world! Our commitment is that subsequent g version will always be permanently priced at 1/10 of the original, dive into the excitement of our new version! Our aim is for every player to effortlessly enjoy the game without worrying about spending money!

More items and resources to enhance your gaming experience!
Events with generous rewards!
Increased care and support for players!

We know that as a small team, our resources are limited, but we have infinite enthusiasm and love for gamers! Let's join hands and create a joyful game world together!

Download the update and embark on this new adventure with us! Your support is our greatest motivation!

Update Details:
1. Comprehensive adjustment of in-game purchase pricing, offering a genuine 'Play Like a Millionaire' experience. Say goodbye to ridiculous prices and enjoy a permanent 1/10 discount as a token of our gratitude!
2. Introducing a brand new array: Naga.
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