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6 okt. 2022
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Go Team is a flexible technology platform, the framework for a variety of engagement programs. Go Team solutions can be customised to meet your goals, utilising your content and messaging. Go Team has a variety of applications including:

Team Building
Whether your team is working together or remotely, Go Team activities are proven to improve communication skills, engagement, collaboration, co-creation, team dynamics and collective decision making. Choose from a variety of themed activities and escape games or customise a program to suit your desired outcomes.

GPS Destination Activities
Explore your chosen destination with a tailored outdoor experience. Played on tablets or smartphones, teams are guided by digital maps and GPS enabled arrow to pre-determined locations where they endeavour to complete a variety of challenges including interesting questions and trivia, as well as, photo and video tasks. We have a variety of treasure trails, city tours, rallies, CSR & charity programs and, scavenger hunts that can be customised to suit your needs.

Learning & Development
Utilise gamification to achieve higher engagement and retention in your training programs. With a bespoke learning and development program, you can present complex processes in a fun, memorable way, develop healthy competition, identify expertise and build incentive to learn additional skills.

Conference Engagement
Enable delegates to engage with conference content leading to higher retention rates and greater overall delegate satisfaction. Keep everyone involved, interacting and connected the whole way through your conference. Gain the feedback you need to see tangible ROI on your event.

Induction & Onboarding
With a collaborative and team-based strategy, utilise gamification to create an interactive learning experience immersing new employees in your business in a fun interactive, and compelling way.

Product Launches
Create a product launch with real impact that is memorable and effective. Provide your guests with a tool that will enhance the reception of your new product and ensure an excellent first impression.

Marketing & promotions
Giveaways, contests, games, quizzes - engage customers, clients and capture leads from a broad audience.

Use a bespoke Go Team package to familiarise visitors with your venue get their feedback and use opportunities to push marketing and sponsorship..

Go Team is brought to you by the creators of team building, Catalyst Global. With locally based partners in over 90 countries covering 26 languages, we pride ourselves in providing unrivalled local service. Your local provider will work with you to create a solution specifically for your team to meet your desired outcomes with an exceptional end to end experience. And, the strength of our network enables us to run Go Team activities in multiple locations, across time-zones, in multiple languages simultaneously should you require.
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