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12 mei 2020

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Gold Farm GAME

- Welcome to the funny and exciting farm game. You will build your own farm village by planting,breeding and selling the goods to customers, deliver ordered products to receive money and experience, and there are ship trips to the sea.
- besides of farming and breeding, selling goods ...the gold farm game also help us to experience the real life of the truth farmers.
- Gold Farm allows you to experience the life of farmers with cultivating, raising, trading. After each crop you have
products like corn, potatoes, beef ... you can cook your freshly harvested products to create your favorite delicious.

*****Main features of the game:

+ The farm has a variety of crops, animals, factories to grow and produce a variety of products and diversity.
+ Planting crops with lush crops, especially with a variety of fruit trees ...
+ And there are perennials to help you harvest to increase the economy.
+ On every day you can receive gifts from the lucky tree.
+ Deliver orders by truck.
+ immediately saling and receiving coins with a variety of warehoused products
+ more funny playing with the daily orders to get coins and experience.
+ Factory works: bakery factory, dairy factory, beverage factory ...with a variety of products and formulas.
+ Nice decorations to help you decorate your farm to become a beautiful city.
+ Watch videos to receive a lot of rewards every day.
+ Unlimited farm for you to build and expand.
+ Especially, exporting the food to other countries by trips
Good happy and lucky to you
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