Gun Sounds- reload weapons free 2019 APK

Gun Sounds- reload weapons free 2019


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20 aug. 2020
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Gun Sounds- reload weapons free 2019-app

Gun Sounds- reload weapons free 2019 application has a big collection of popular gun sounds that includes, Intervention, Barrett 50 Cal, Wa 2000, M14/M21, ACR, F2000, Min Uzi, P90, Vector, AK-47, Famas, M4A1, Scar H, Tar 21, Fal, M16a4, Ump5k, , AA 12, sniper along with their sounds.

This very simple and entertaining application contain original fire shot sounds of world popular firearms that will make you feel that you have real gun sounds weapon in your hand,

Just select the gun of your choice from the available list and tap on it, You will hear the very realistic gun sound with cool animation gun shot fire effect. On the bottom of screen you will see the no of bullets remaining in the magazine, You don’t need to worry about the no of bullets, the bullets automatically reloaded as soon as these finished.

Gun sounds have following features
-Original gun sounds
-Realistic animation and fire effects
- Automatic reload bullets as it finished.

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To make the application more entertaining we have included to play with car key lock simulator sounds and stun gun sounds.

There are various car keys available just select your favorite one and start playing with it, These car key remote includes very realistic sounds such as doors locking, unlocking, boot, bonnet.
You will love its advance features like vibration and flash alerts. Now play with variety of car key alarm on your phones without harming your car key alarm.

Car key remote features include:
* Lifelike Car Key Graphics with more coming soon.
* Unlock Car Button and Audio
* Lock Button and Audio
*Multiple Car Key remotes
* Vibration and flash alert
* Great Fun for kids
* Alarm lock and unlock buttons with Audio
* Includes car alarm.
* Small size.
* Fun for all ages and completely free of charge and always will be!

*Car remote
*Care remote Control
*Car remote Unlock
*Car remote start
*Car remote Control app

Electric Stun Gun is an entertaining app that simulates the sound and noise of different Stun Guns ,It displays an image of a stun gun in the center of the screen and pressing it causes your phone to flash the Flashlight rapidly, emit a LOUD stun gun sound effect, electric lighting effect and flash the screen.

* Various Stun Guns!
*Lighting effects
* Distinct Stun Gun sound effects!
* LED Flashlight blinks rapidly with a cool stroking effect!
* FLASHING screen!
* Animated electrical spark!

*Stun gun apps
*Stun gun sounds
*Stun gun apps that shocks you
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Please once again note that this application is just for entertainment purpose only that just simulate the gun with sounds. Please give your valuable feedback for any improvement or suggestions
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