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Hide-and-Seek.IO - Free io Game


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14 mei 2021

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Hide-and-Seek.IO - Free io Game-game

Do you like io games? Then this hide ‘n seek game in the io style is just what you need!

Hide-and-Seek.IO is a fun game where you can choose your role – find or hide!

Play in the big arena with players all over the world! Run away and hide from the seeker or become the one who's seeking! Try to find all players in a limited time and lock them in a cage!

Mind your eye! Other hiders can release players who are already locked up! Act fast!

Also, if you choose the seeker role, you’ll be able to notice the noise from sudden movements made by others! Paint can also be spilled in the arena! Once hiding players step on it, they’ll leave footprints for a while! Footprints will tell where you should run to find and catch all hiders!

If you're hiding, be careful! Don't get caught in paint puddles, dodge the seeker! The red zone in front of seekers is their eyesight. Once you got there – you are caught!

Hide-and-Seek.IO also has many skins! Collect coins in the arena to upgrade your wardrobe and surprise everyone in the next match!

- Beautiful & bright graphics!
- Interesting & unusual gameplay!
- Run away in online mode!
- Free movement around locations!
- Lots of skins!
- Many different levels!
- Multiplayer with players all over the world!
- Simple one-touch controls!
- Intuitive interface!

Download our game for free right now! Hide and seek – catch and find!
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