Hologram Keyboard is a simulator laser projection using the camera


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28 aug. 2017

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Hologram keyboard APP

Hologram keyboard projector 3d looks like a real keyboard in the space. Future realistic hologram technology is used in this app.

It works with using flash light and mobile camera which creates a red laser projection showing on screen and appears a 3d hologram keyboard.

Hologram keyboard shows on everything like wall, table, water, air etc. change the background of the hologram keyboard with moving your mobile. Tap on screen and enjoy a real hologram keyboard of your own.

This keyboard-hologram neon theme keyboard involves hologram and neon. It can present features of hologram, neon and 3d as well.

This keyboard-hologram neon theme keyboard uses holographic as its background. Involving holographic in its background image makes it distinctive.

If you are a holographic, hologram or neon lover, then this keyboard-hologram neon theme keyboard is your choice! It’s compatible with HUAWEI Mate 9, Samsung Galaxy S8, OPPO, VIVO, and all other Android phones.

In a couple hologram 3D laser projection in a few using the camera and flash, to create a sense of augmented reality! Great joke: the screen displays a laser keyboard,
Turns on camera, flash, flashlight; put the phone on the vapor or smoke to give the impression that shines 3D laser image of a keyboard for working with a computer or other gadget!

The image of luminous laser keyboard appears on the phone screen, flashlight or camera flash turns on and altogether it looks like the surface is shining 3D image projection of a computer keyboard! Make fun of friends by showing them the projection of a 3D holographic keyboard on the screen!

• U can use hologram keyboard projector on the surface of water
• A real hologram keyboard
• Future realistic technology hologram is used
• U can change background with your own choice
• Hologram keyboard style also can change
• App is free of cost. Enjoy!

Hologram Keyboard is a simulated hologram projector which projects the 3D laser keyboard through the camera. You can take the 3D hologram picture to prank your friends. There are several colorful keypad for your option, red, white, blue and yellow.

This Hologram Keyboard is a simulated hologram app, it is just used for fun.
Download this Hologram keyboard app for FREE now and share with friends, family and Entertainment with this app.

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