Horoscope in Malayalam (മലയാളം ജാതകം) APK

Horoscope in Malayalam (മലയാളം ജാതകം)

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NaamHoroscope in Malayalam APK
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Horoscope in Malayalam (മലയാളം ജാതകം)-app

The Best Astrology app in store for detailed analysis of Horoscope in Malayalam.

This Horoscope app helps you analyse horoscopes(ജാതകം) in Malayalam. Vedic Astrologers and Vedic astrology students can use this Horoscope in Malayalam app to generate a person’s jathakam (ജാതകം). Horoscope in Malayalam provides detailed charts & calculations and helps you study jathakam from anywhere anytime.

★ Malayalam horoscope app providing detailed Jathakam (ജാതകം) analysis.
★ Prepares instant ഗ്രഹനില or Natal chart.
★ Jyothisha Pravachanam. Predictions on Personality & Life.
★ Vimshottari dasa, Ashtakvargam, Shodasavargam etc (Parashara Jyothisham).
★ Real time charts & calculations on രാശി, നവാംശം, പ്രശ്‌നം, ഭാവം, ദശ etc.
★ Detailed പൊരുത്തം or Horoscope compatibility check.
★ Horoscope in Malayalam app includes മുഹൂർത്തം too.
★ Includes Spudam, Papam, Planetary Strength, Astrological Day & Moment.
★ അയനാംശങ്ങൾ- Krishnamurti Paddhati, Chitrapaksha/Lahiri, Thirukanitham, Raman & Sayan Ayanamsams.
★ This Jathakam app also tells about Bhava Balam, Shadbhalam, Yogam etc.
★ Lagnam in raasi chart, ഗ്രഹങ്ങളുടെ വക്രനില, ucha/neecha positions and more.
★ Ashtakvargam & Bhavam chalita chart and Shodasavargam with all 16 divisional charts.
★ The Horoscope app gives charts and calculations based on any location.
★ Jathakam based on Kerala, Tamil, North Indian & East Indian astrology chart styles.
★ Detailed Malayalam പഞ്ചാംഗം.


★ Unlimited access to all features of the Horoscope app are available for 1st 15 day period. (With Internet)
★ After 15 days - All features of the Horoscope app are available. (With Internet- App usage time limited to 7 Minutes/day)
★ Without Internet connection, Horoscope app gives access only to Rasi and Navamsa.
★ Offline App usage is limited to a total of 225 Minutes (7 Minutes per day)
★ Offline mode will not be available on re-installation.
★ If the app is uninstalled within 15 days from the date of installation, then the user can avail the remaining days only by re-installing the app before the end of 15 day period (30 days in the case of subscribed users)

Privacy & Permissions:

We take users privacy very seriously! Highest priority is given to protect your privacy. In order to provide the best user experience, accurate calculations, predictions and relevant information, we ask for permissions like access to your location, phone no., secondary storage etc.

To know how we use your data, read the Privacy Policy (http://www.indianastrologysoftware.com/starclock-me-lite/privacy-policy.php)

End User License Agreement (EULA):

By downloading, installing and using the Horoscope app, you understand & agree to our End User License Agreement. (http://www.indianastrologysoftware.com/starclock-me-lite/eula.php)

About Astro-Vision:

Astro-Vision is India’s No.1 digital astrology service provider. We’ve been offering Vedic Astrology software in various Indian languages since 1985. We also provide Vedic astrology based solutions to leading portals and have generated over 30 million reports till date.
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