NU: Carnival is an RPG-like game application for adults, where an erotic toy designer arrives in a colorful fantasy world to become its great hero


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22 jan. 2023
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Nu Carnival GAME

We rarely see such unusual games. Adult games are usually graphic adventures where we meet beautiful MILFs or try to conquer the girls next door or, in some cases, small puzzles with characters with great attributes and light clothing.

NU: Carnival is a totally different game focused on a different kind of audience. It is an RPG with anime aesthetics where the player will meet Eiden, a young gay man with a very curious job, a sex toy designer. One day while working, Eiden comes across a strange crystal that transports him to a fantasy world where he will meet male characters of all kinds and with different powers. There, he will have to become a hero to fight and save the world.

Main features

In addition to the spicy adventures that he will live as a hero, the player will experience other adventures that are even more intense, but will also play a classic RPG adventure thanks to the following options:

  • The player will be transported to a fantasy world divided into four regions: the territory of light, the territory of water, the territory of the forest, and the zone of death.
  • Each character, human or mythical being, has a biography and different powers.
  • Meet Eiden, Aster, Morvay, Yakumo, Edmond, Olivine, Quincy, Kuya, and Garu. There are vampires, succubi, werewolves, knights, and more
  • You must "work the intimacy level" with the characters to increase combat strength and power.
  • The player will have to build a team of up to five heroes to fight against increasingly larger enemies, including end-of-level bosses.
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