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NaamPianoBuddy APK
Versie1.0.3 (26)
Bijgewerkt07 okt. 2016
CategorieApps, Muziek en audio


Your best piano practice accompany

Unlike other piano learning/practicing Apps where the main focus are providing sheet musics with basic demo play and theory, PianoBuddy adopts a pragmatic "networked practice accompany" approach to enable you to have deeper engagements with the music pieces as well as your learning circles. Key components include:

• "Practice" mode:enable progressive learning of new scores at ease
All scores come with tools (e.g. MIDI demos, metronome, auto page flip, recording) to help you familiar with the scores progressively

• "Challenge" mode:provide instant interactivity to your practice lively
Intelligent sheet music that can “listen” to your live practices on real piano, “report” back pitch correctness against target goals (with rewards), and “track” your sessions for playback & reviews

• “Logger”:help you to keep up your hard work in a systematic way
“Practice makes perfect”. Every scores at PianoBuddy have different star badges and practice time requirements you need to work on in order to win a trophies. You can record your performance, store them to the ‘Cloud’, and carry your performances everywhere.

• "Social" mode: bring more interest and fun to your piano circles
Integrated with popular social networks to enable your learning circles (friends & family) to discover, endorse and check what songs they are practicing and the progresses they made over time.

With PianoBuddy, the Scores you want might be all here ! Our Library includes:
• “Subscribable” content:Thousands of classical, folks, and piano pieces are available to you. You can either get the beloved one by perpetual purchase or enjoy unlimited access with the “VIP pass”plan.
• “Purchase-only” content:For those who really want Pops, we have partnered with leading publishers to offer you the amazing pieces you should not miss.

Want more sheet musics?
• Download the FREE scores of the month from time-to-time
• Purchase/Buyout specific scores you really like with perpetual access
• Join our monthly plan to access the world biggest intelligent classical/folks piano pieces

Join PianoBuddy network and get more info.
• Facebook www.facebook.com/pianobuddy
• YouTube www.youtube.com/c/mypianobuddyclub
• Weibo www.weibo.com/pianobuddy
• Weixin public account: add “PianoBuddy"

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