PoGoMaps is an easy user friendly way to find your way around in Pokémon Go


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17 jul. 2016
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PoGoMaps: A Map for Pokémon GO GAME

New to Pokémon Go?
Would you like to find your way around the map?
Want to know where all of the Gyms are located?

Introducing PoGoMaps!
PoGoMaps is the easiest and most user friendly way to where you are and where you’re going in the Pokémon Go world.

Our mapping system allows users to view over 5 million locations and mark them as Stops or Gyms.
Once the location has been marked by a user, it is then available to all PoGoMaps users.

We are currently in beta testing, so please let us know if you run into any problems.

PoGoMaps neither owns nor claims to own any portion of the Pokémon franchise. PoGoMaps is an unaffiliated, fan-created map based off of products owned by the companies listed above.

PoGoMaps and PoGo.rocks are not officially affiliated with any of the above companies. PoGo Maps is not responsible for any use, misuse, or abuse of the application or data. By using PoGoMaps, you are accepting all responsibility for everything.

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