A Lightweight VNC server based on RFB protocol 3.8 published by RealVNC Ltd.


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25 jan. 2016

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Remote VNC Server (Beta) APP

Remote VNC Server is a VNC server application written in java. It allows you to connect to your android devices remotely using any standard VNC client for your platform.
Recommended client is: https://www.realvnc.com/download/viewer/5.2.3/
[Latest version of Real VNC viewer (5.3+) has some compatibility issues with my application.]

If you have problem using other clients, use the setting "Color Depth - True Color 24 bits" in your viewer.

** This application requires rooting **. (Technical Information: This application will also work if you have access to your device's platform signature. If you install this application after signing it with platform certificate, then rooting is not required.)
Lollipop and above devices can share screen without rooting or signature. However, touch and clicks will not work for such platforms (view only mode).

This application also allows you to connect to your devices remotely using an intermediate cloud based proxy server. This server (vnc.prancho.com) should be used only for trial purposes. To reduce its misuse (so that it does not cost me much), connection to your device may be slow or dropped at times while using this server. Also the server address (port number) required to connect to the device may automatically change from time to time.

1) Connect to devices over LAN
2) Connect to devices over Internet
3) View Remote Screen
4) Set authentication password
5) Control the device using mouse and keyboard

Upcoming features in future releases:
* Improve the performance of click injection for rooted devices
* Swipe gestures does not work properly
* Clipboard sharing
* User interface improvements
* Language translations
* File Transfer

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