ReportOne – Maintenance and Repair Service Reports APK

ReportOne – Maintenance and Repair Service Reports


Beheer en plan uw technische interventies van onderhoud en assistentie!


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27 apr. 2022
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ReportOne – Maintenance and Repair Service Reports-app

ReportOne is an application allowing you to manage technical maintenance interventions, workplace reports, technical assistance and note time and appointments on Android Smartphones and Tablets.
Manage your workplace reports directly on the intervention site, make the customer sign them directly on a smartphone or tablet and send them via e-mail in PDF format.

App and program completely customizable from you in autonomy without being a programmer.

From the Windows, Web, and MAC OS you can edit fields, writings, tables and sections to adapt the program to your work method, autonomously. Once the changes are done, syncronize in Cloud and everything you have customized in the Desktop version you find it also within the App iOS and Android.

The app is ideal for artisans, plumbers, electricians and maintenance technicians working alone on the move.

ReportOne also works offline and without the internet, thus you will be able to work anywhere in the field at the customers premises.

With ReportOne you can:

- Plan your interventions
- Work anywhere even offline
- Export your data to Excel
- Make customers sign your workplace reports
- Send the workplace reports by E-mail
- Handle the working hours
- Quickly generate reports about the worked hours and the items being used
- Check the profitability of your company
- Coordinate more than one technician
- Define different rate tables for the costs per km, timetables, consultancy fee, etc.
- Manage different systems for a single customer

... and much more.

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