Om de slaap / screen of death probleem te voorkomen teistert Nexus 4 en andere apparaten


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22 mei 2016
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SOD Killer (Sleep of Death) APP

This is an application I built to solve the Sleep Of Death (also known as Screen of Death) issue.

The Sleep of Death (SOD) causes Android not to wake up when you try to unlock your device. The root cause of the issue (I think anyway) sits within the Kernel however it needs to be fixed by the Device maker.

What this app does is prevent your phone to sleep properly which therefore means that when you come to unlock your device you will be able to unlock it as the phone is actually not sleeping.

As this app is keeping your device awake, it will obviously take up more battery, which is a compromised to have a phone able to wake up, receive notification and more importantly able to wake you up in the morning through the Alarm application.

This has only been tested on the Nexus 4, but theoretically should work on any devices

The below link is the issue tracker for the Nexus 4 on this issue:

Code is on GitHub:
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