Sonic Wave - Sonic Pitch Sound Tone Generator APK

Sonic Wave - Sonic Pitch Sound Tone Generator


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Laatste Versie

NaamSonic APK
Versie1.3 (4)
Bijgewerkt22 dec. 2017
OntwikkelaarPixel Fox
CategorieApps, Tools

Sonic Wave - Sonic Pitch Sound Tone Generator-app

Generate sine tones and noise with frequency and eject water from phone speaker.

Sonic Wave provides sine tones and you could easily control the exact frequencies. Swipe your finger up and down to raise or lower the frequency of the tones and pitched noises, and directly check the frequency by professional wave visualization.
With Sonic Wave you can push water out of the speaker cavity by playing a sine wave at a specific frequency - 165HZ, and you can eject moisture away from the speaker.

What can I use it for?
1. Use Sonic Wave to generate different frequencies to drive insects away or produce white noises and pitched noises.
2. This app allows you to generate tones and pitched noise with range from 0Hz to Ultrasonic 25kHz frequency.
3. It can be used as dog whistle to train your dog, make your dog come or go away.
4. Also you can use it to stop your neighbor's dog from barking.
5. It can be used as a prank tool to annoy your classmates or friends.
6. Use the "water" button with specific frequency to get the water out of your phone.
7. Generate white noises to focus your mind.

It’s a tiny and handy tool you need, just download it free and enjoy it!
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