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NaamThreeKingdoms Conqueror APK
Versie2.0.8 (10)
Bijgewerkt16 sep. 2021
CategorieGames, Strategie

ThreeKingdoms Conqueror-game

Nieuwe meesterwerk van EasyTech! Beste strategie spel van Drie Kindoms!

There are over 240 famous generals to choose in the Three Kingdoms period. Each of them has the unique combination of skills.
29 units are ready for you to command. Every troop has its own distinguishing features and if you can master them efficiently, you will be invincible.
Over 100 different items will bring you competitive advantages in battles.

About 20 Chapters and 80 famous Campaigns are included. Plenty stages with great stories will make you feel personally on the scene.

You can seize all 14 provences and unite the whole country. Being the Emperor or not ,it is all up to you.
Rome and Yamatai are all eyeing the Central Plain.
You can challenge other players all over the world. March towards their cities!

Rising from a civilian to an Emperor with over 100 achievements.
Obtaining plenty resources and treasures.
Obtaining special generals.
Ranking among players in every provence and the whole nation.
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