xManager for Spotify is an app for managing the different available versions of Spotify for Android and installing the ones that you like on your device


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17 dec. 2022
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Any Spotify user who wants to get the most out of the service on their Android might be very interested in an application like xManager for Spotify. It is a version manager that allows us to install the different versions available that are better suited to the processor architecture, and even to access those that are still being developed, but which give a head's up on the next features to be rolled out in the stable and definitive versions of the app.

Manage and install any version of Spotify on your Android

The application comes with a user interface featuring a sober layout that is similar to that of the official app. So any user will be able to access the different versions of the app, both stable and beta, in order to listen to music. They can be installed in a matter of seconds by choosing the one which is better suited to the device.

It works both for getting the latest version and for recovering some of the older ones if, for whatever reason, our device doesn't properly support the new ones or some new function has been introduced that you are not too happy with. However, what it doesn't do is download songs, get rid of ads, or bypass any other limitations that are only eliminated by taking out the premium version of the service.

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