Y2math helpt kinderen thuis op een leuke en kleurrijke manier thuis lesgeven.


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28 jun. 2019
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Y2 Maths is an app that is aimed at kids aged 6-7 or UK schools year 2 equivalent. It follows the UK national curriculum from what your child should be learning at the start of the school year to the end of it. This will give a accurate representation of where your child is excelling or where they might need that extra help. Y2 Maths will help your child retain what they’re learning in the classroom while at home in a fun & colourful way.
One of the many problems teachers face while teaching is: when children are learning by playing games but they can not translate it when given the same questions on paper. We use randomized interactive worksheets that progresses through levels & stages earning stars along the way making your child feel as if they are playing a game. While helping your child retain classroom & game learning. As you progress unlocking stars across different stages you are preparing them for SATs & the future. At Good Monkey Learning we hope Y2 Maths has bridges that gap with exam style questions with a fun and colourful environment.
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