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Laatste Versie

NaamZombie Survival Shooter APK
Versie1.7 (8)
Bijgewerkt23 nov. 2020
CategorieGames, Actie

Zombie Survival Shooter 2020-game

Zombies is een OFFLINE en GRATIS Survival Shooter met één doel: ze allemaal doden!

Mindless Zombies are taking over the world and your city! stop everything now, stand up and fight back against the undead hordes of brain hungry zombies. These repulsive monsters are craving the sweet taste of human brains, so using a lot of weapons that you have to kill all the Zombies and save the world. Our Zombie Survival Shooter Game have all the blood, guts, gore and glory with a lot of power up items to upgrade that you can not find anywhere

Zombie Survival Shooter is the game that you are expecting this year, in the Zombie Shooter game you must fight against wave after wave of deadly and realistic Zombies Monsters. each wave level presents a greater number of Zombies and they become stronger and harder to kill in some challenging levels. Don't waste pleasure time, take your gun in your hand beat out a bloody path NOW!

Your missions in Zombie Survival Campaign are truly noble, try to shoot the zombies as much as possible with assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and sniper weaponry, defeat the living dead by grenades and special abilities! Build a base and defend it against raiders to stay alive. Each day can be your last day, further more the virus is getting stronger over time and the zombies are getting more powerful. You need to keep fighting to rescue survivors and save the world. So try to use all of your skills in order to stay alive, hunt down dead targets in a bloody gore action.

Zombie Survival Shooter Game Features:
▹ Variety of undead enemies and monsters, survive as long as you can
▹ Kill Hordes of Zombies with a lot of challenge Zombie Bosses
▹ Defend yourself against zombies that can jump, wear police armor, or explode with toxic gas
▹ More 30 weapons are on the way from the AK-47, m4a4 and AWP and you can free to to build and customize your Gun and weapons
▹ Powerful mini guns and shotguns. Get armed to the teeth and jump into battle!
▹ Easy to control, so kill as many zombies as you can using the weapon supports automatic firing.
▹ Play video ads reward to get free bonuses, gold and skins and unlock or upgrade the new weapons
▹ Play game in everywhere in every time without wifi or mobile data connection

Grab your guns and bring your guts to survive the ultimate Zombie Action Shooter game, imagine you were left to survive in a city full of mad Zombies. In order to fend off an army of dead you have to become high super skilled Zombie killer.
Play and enjoy the action game 2020 Zombie Survival Shooter NOW!
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