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Surf, watch and read from your favorite websites, in VR.

Version0.8.9-10 (32)
UpdatedOct 30, 2020 (1 month ago)
DeveloperNOMone Software
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NOMone VR Browser is a Side-By-Side browser that turns ordinary internet content into a thrilling Virtual Reality experience! Perform a full-dive and see how immersive it becomes yourself.

In 2017, NOMone VR Browser was selected as a top innovative app by INNOVATIV by Appliv in Japan!

Now, you can:
• Surf the web like a desktop computer 🌐.
• Watch/Read your favorite show or manga online🎞️📖.
• Watch online courses🎓.
• Watch offline videos. Relive the moments your camera captured in VR.

All in total privacy and anywhere you want!

NOMone VR browser works on most virtual reality headsets, like Google Cardboard, VR Box, Bobo VR...etc. GearVR is not supported, but can work with a trick. And Daydream is supported but not yet released. Stay tuned!

Free version
For one hour ⌛ EVERY day, you'll be able to:
• View online/offline videos inside the browser to enjoy this spectacular experience. Yes, it's a VR video player as well.
• Customize your experience. Shift the screen, resize it, scale its content or zoom in/out to suit your eyes, unlike cardboard apps which are hard to configure. Try zooming-in onto videos, it's like meeting people in-person.
• Interact with the app without taking off your 3D headset. We've done our best to make this experience as seamless as possible. Whatever your headset/phone model is, you can control the browser without taking off the headset.
• Install 'NOMone VR Browser Remote' on another phone to control the browser instead of the controllers present in expensive 3D headsets.

Watching videos now feels better than ever! You become very close and feel like being a part of whatever you are watching. After experiencing this, you are not going back to watching videos on traditional screens.

Full version
If you want to use the app for more than one hour a day, unlock the app using the in-app purchase 💰. It's a one-time payment to get unlimited access forever!

You can use the app even if you don't have a gyroscope sensor. The app supports several other input methods. If you are going to use one of them (🖱️ or 📱), we recommend disabling the gyroscope from the options menu to avoid dizziness. Just follow the instructions that pop up when you open the app. And don't forget to use the calibration options 🎚️ to get the best experience on your glasses (the three vertical dots at the upper-right corner of the app).

But we block porn ✋! If it's the only reason you are here, forget it. Or maybe, consider this an opportunity to find better uses for your time. We've used this app as a distraction-free environment to improve ourselves. Say, if you watch online courses for half an hour a day, you can finish a course of average length every month. We bet that you'd love to do that 😉!

• Bookmark your frequently visited pages. You'll find them when you open a new tab using the '+' sign.
• If your phone has a low resolution, decrease the 'content scale' to show more content in less pixels 🗜️.
• Long click the zoom buttons to change text size 🔍.
• You can have multiple tabs 📑. Use them!

Please rate and share the app. We think this is a great idea, help us make it work.

Thanks a lot 😁

What's New

- Targeting API level 10 as per Google Play requirements.
- Disabled phone volume buttons that are often accidentally pressed by the headset.

Email: contact@nomone.com

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